QAxis® is a stage automation control system designed for the entertainment industry by AVW Controls Ltd.

QAxis software allows motion control cues to be created, edited and run using a very friendly interface using off-the-shelf Omron PLC hardware.

The QAxis software allows the operator to see all relevant cue, axis, group and edit information at the same time and allows very quick change from the running environment to the editing environment. After 20+ years of experience with Impressario; AVW have picked up on the various requests and suggestions that have come from the real theatre world and have implemented them in our new QAxis software for you!

QAxis uses proprietary Omron PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) as the main hardware. The Omron hardware is very reliable and has been proven in industry over very many years and is readily available off-the-shelf worldwide. All this means that AVW can offer a world class stage automation control system using a range of hardware that can be tailored to meet your requirements. The QAxis software is a multi-threaded object-orientated program written in VB.Net using the latest edition of Microsoft Visual Studio (2019).

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  • QAxis software allows motion control cues to be created, edited and run using a very friendly interface.
  • The number of cues that can be created is vast and any cue can control up to 24 axis simultaneously.
  • QAxis has a very easy cue creation and editing facility that allows for fast programming of cues.
  • QAxis uses Omron PLCs for the main hardware and can communicate using either Host Link Protocol over RS485 or FINS (Factory Interface Network Service) over ethernet.
  • QAxis has 128 named deads (trims) that can be used as many times as required for any axis in any cue.
  • Six groups (playbacks) allow axis to be either run together or split during the running of cues with individual speed control.
  • The position and status of all axis are displayed the whole time.
  • The time or distance to complete moves and cue speeds are displayed the whole time.
  • There is a weight readout facility with over and under weight settings.
  • There is a dedicated revolve interface to simplify revolve projects.
  • QAxis has a show log to log all operator commands and any system error codes.
  • Control of axis is restricted by a password, a keyswitch and a deadman pedal to prevent unintended movement.
  • The single axis controller allows control of any one axis whilst other cues are running for immediate control of an axis without the need to write a cue.
  • The manual page allows easy control of any axis without the need to write a cue for maintenance and installation purposes.
  • QAxis runs on compatible Windows 10 computers with Full HD display and a USB or Ethernet port to communicate with the QAxis hardware.
  • Remote diagnostic support is available if the user can provide an internet connection.
  • QAxis has a DMX output via sACN for integration with LX systems.
  • QAxis has a PosiStageNet output for projection and video mapping.
  • QAxis has an OSC (Open Sound Control) input and ouput for loading and firing automation cues from external control systems or between multiple QAxis systems.
  • QAxis has an MTC (Midi Timecode) input for synchronisation with external control systems.
  • QAxis has a time script facility to trigger cues from internal or external timecode.
  • QAxis has a cue reset facility to recall the start positions for the previous 10 cues.
  • The QAxis console has cue start/stop/next/previous buttons, a keyswitch, Emergency Stop button and a socket for the deadman pedal.

Join the growing list of QAxis users!

  • Jersey Boys UK Tour
  • Kinky Boots UK Tour
  • Phantom of the Opera, Teatro Renault, Sao Paulo
  • Only Fools and Horses, Theatre Royal Haymarket, London
  • Shipwreck, The Almeida Theatre, London
  • The American Clock, The Old Vic, London
  • Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
  • Life of Pi, Sheffield Crucible
  • The Hunt, The Almeida Theatre, London
  • Breaking The Waves, Scottish Opera
  • And Juliet, Shaftesbury Theatre, London
  • Guys and Dolls, Sheffield Crucible
  • The Wheel, TV Show, BBC
  • Potters Christmas Show, Potters Resort
  • The Grange Festival, Hampshire
  • The Good Life, UK Tour
  • Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, London Palladium
  • Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, UK Tour 2022
  • Jersey Boys, Trafalgar Theatre, London
  • Get Up Stand Up, Lyric Theatre, London
  • The Drifters Girl, Garrick Theatre, London
  • She Loves Me, Sheffield Crucible
  • Ava: The Secret Conversations, Riverside Studios (QAxis software and design only)
  • The 47th, The Old Vic, London
  • Running with Lions, Hammersmith Lyric, London

Double revolve being controlled by QAxis.

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