QAxis – Extra features

AVW have been busy adding lots of useful new features to our stage automation software QAxis. The list of new features include:

The QAxis desktop with lots of new features.
  • Fast (FINS) Ethernet communications added.
  • DMX over sACN output for LX integration
  • PosiStageNet output for AV integration.
  • OSC input for external triggering of cues.
  • MTC input for timecode sync to external systems.
  • Named Presets (deads/trims) added.
  • Time/distance display added to complete each move.
  • Weight readout added.
  • Improved speed calculator function.
  • Improved setting up page.
  • Improved High and Low soft limits reporting.
  • Improved Help including links to ‘How to’ YouTube videos.
  • Show Log added that logs user input and system error codes.
  • Running show clock.
  • Maximum speed indicator for when Master/group speed sliders have altered the programmed speed
  • Loop function added.

We look forward to working with you again soon!