The Wheel

AVW are excited to be providing the revolve control system for a new BBC television show called ‘The Wheel’.

Hosted by the Bafta award-winning Michael McIntyre, each episode sees a mixture of great contestants, celebrity guests and laugh out loud moments as The Wheel brings a brand new spin to Saturday nights on BBC One.

Working with Steel The Scene; AVW designed and manufactured a control system to power a three and a half ton 14 meter diameter ring revolve. The revolve control system accepts position, speed, acceleration and deceleration OSC commands from the Kinetic Pixel show control system and also returns real-time position and speed information for the syncronisation of graphics to the revolve as it spins.

The control system is based around our established QAxis control system and will form the basis of an innovative new dedicated revolve control system called Revolver.

The Wheel Desktop